The Rest Is Jungle

Short Stories from Uruguay by Mario Benedetti
Translated by Harry Morales

8.5" x 5.5"
296 pages

In this exquisite new short story collection, celebrated Latin American writer Mario Benedetti affords us a beguiling glimpse of a world in flux. Addressing subjects ranging from love and middle-class frustration in the city to the pain of exile, the stories in The Rest is Jungle transport the reader from the cafes of Montevideo to the fault lines that divide nations and people. Whether poking fun at the pretentions of the contemporary literary scene, or offering a moving portrait of multigenerational family life, Benedetti discerns the irony, humor and heartbreak in every situation. From the hilarious depiction of an office worker battling with bureaucracy, to a domestic tragedy recounted from the perspective of an eavesdropping family pet, the stories in this playful and provocative collection throw light on that curious realm where our public and private lives intersect. The Rest is Jungle is a remarkable showcase for the work of a writer who sought to speak of love, power and commitment as directly and passionately as possible.

Praise for Mario Benedetti:

The work of Mario Benedetti...is surprising in all its aspects, whether the varied extent of genres it touches, the density of its poetic expression or the extreme conceptual freedom it employs. To Benedetti, language, all of it, is poetic.

– José Saramago, Nobel Laureate

Mario Benedetti (1920 - 2009), born in Pasa de los Toros, Tacuarembó Province, Uruguay, was one of Latin America's most renowned and beloved writers. As a poet, novelist, essayist, journalist, playwright and screenwriter, Benedetti's vast body of work encompasses every genre and is known worldwide. He is the author of more than ninety books, including a full-length study of 20th century Uruguayan literature, and his work has been translated into twenty-six languages.

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