Conceiçáo Evaristo was born in Belo Horizante in the state of Minas Gerais. She is a professor of Brazilian literature at the Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro (PUR/RJ), and is working on her doctorate in comparative literature. Her work has been published in the following anthologies: various issues of Cadernos Negros; Vozes de Mulheres (1991); Schwarze Prosa: Prosa Negra. Afrobrasilianische Erzählungen der Gegenwart (1993); Moving Beyond Boundaries: International Dimensions of Black Women's Writing (1995); Finally Us: Contemporary Black Brazilian Women Writers (1995); Callaloo, vol. 18 number 4 (1995). Ms. Evaristo is also featured in Fourteen Female Voices From Brazil (Host Publications, 2002).